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~Spreading some love~

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 29, 2012, 4:05 PM

Yay~ It's a spread for love journal :iconlaplz:
Why you asked? Because thanks to Bejowish i got this premium membership. Thank you very much~ :iconaawplz:

Since it's so sudden, I was in a hurry to choose a lovely journal skin. Then when i saw my facebook cover
"Ah that's right, this is lovely" :iconloveloveplz:
drawn by Erkaz who love Airia and Red pairing very much from Role play group Canvas Ranger

and of course,

Let's spread love by featuring some works :iconsuperw00tplz:

:star:. :iconbejowish: Bejowish
Special spot
Who gives me this premium membership. :iconaawplz: yes bejo, you're my first :iconimsopervyplz:
Fake!Garry by Bejowish GhaidaSae by Bejowish Mary by Bejowish

1. :iconardrie: Ardrie
Who loves Airia the most, even he love her more than me.
Also, ardrie's OC, Anemic Red (female ver of Red) is my waifu :iconloveloveplz:
CR Zzzzzz........ by Ardrie CR: Walrus? by Ardrie CR Stage 2 : FEEL MY WRATH by Ardrie

2. :iconerkaz: Erkaz
Who also love and care for Airia. His drawing is superb and i love Rina. she is cute sweet and adorable :iconloveloveplz:
CR WAR Support: ENYAAAAAAH!! by Erkaz CR: Bunny? by Erkaz CR Mission 7: Song is a Heart by Erkaz

3. :iconrouzille: Rouzille
Who become my role model in drawing something. We also shared same hobbies. Look forward to meet him again IRL :iconaawplz:
CR: ai-red by Rouzille the melody parade by Rouzille DAF: The Rival by Rouzille

4. :iconmoeroknight: moeroknight
Who teach me how to draw in real life. Moero's drawing is also cute~ We are pair of manzai IRL :iconkaminaonionplz:
My ID v3 by moeroknight Cirno by moeroknight Tomoe Mami by moeroknight

5. :icondeadly-crow: Deadly-Crow
Who is a very good artist. His style is unique for me but very addictive. The one who see it feels at ease by his colourfull's drawings.
Love his style, love his Lily :iconilavplz:
CR - Umbra by Deadly-Crow Mechanic by Deadly-Crow CR-DaF under the falling sky by Deadly-Crow

6. :iconalfanders: alfanders
Who encouraged me to grow. Even thought he didn't seems to notice it. His works is awesome, especially his bishie characters aura :iconaawplz:
What are you lookin at punk by alfanders CR - Trixy by alfanders DaF : Elimination Round by alfanders

7. :iconlonelyknight: LonelyKnight
Who cheer me at CRMB event and CRPW stand at Anime Festival Asia, Indonesia. Avra is love :iconilavplz:
CRMB: Yang Masih Di Bawah Tangga by LonelyKnight CR - Seraaaaaaaaaaaang ohoho by LonelyKnight CR: misi 7- SiDeusMeRelinquit by LonelyKnight

8. :icondeyuri: DeYuri
Who is my underclassmen and also in the same group that me and my friends invented at college. Her drawing is so cool. Whether it's a digital colouring or traditional colouring, the outcome is clear. Cool and Cute :iconcoolplz:
CR - Princess Airia by DeYuri FA - Sayaka Miki by DeYuri Nature's Nature by DeYuri

9. :iconbekicots: bekicots
Who is also my old friend in skype and deviantart... I love how he draw sexy women :iconilavplz:
And also, if you likes boobs, you can look at luna's
CR_DHS_AOI_PN_furefure party by bekicots CR Stage 1 - Lied modus 180Bp by bekicots PN tanabata by bekicots

10. :iconheinegouf: heinegouf
Who is also my role model in drawing. His drawings are Beyond Godlike :iconloveloveplz:
I love even his line arts. His pose and angle taking is Ultra Kill :iconilavplz:
CR - HBD RENZAN by heinegouf ASD-Kunoichi by heinegouf

Mature Content

Daf : Dakimakura.... by heinegouf

11. :iconconveito: Conveito
Who is also shares the same interest. We love mechas. He is awesome and i love cute little Bonchi  :iconkaminaonionplz:
CR Collab - Loading Screen by Conveito CR : SERBUUUUU...UU..U..u.. by Conveito CR - Thanks for the chocolate by Conveito

12. :icon15death: 15DEATH
Who also in the same RP Group. He draws lovely scene between pair perfectly with their respective personality. Another bishie character aura incoming :iconsuperw00tplz:
CR: Red Bloodslinger by 15DEATH TF: gijinka_Ironhide by 15DEATH CR: Ryo n Mio by 15DEATH

13. :iconreksamurty: Reksamurty
Who is the first person's OC ever made close relation with Airia. His drawings are simple coloured, but the feeling come across. And also i love his coygirl, Feisha :iconloveloveplz:
CR - Buat Renjan by Reksamurty CR: GO XIViC LIBAAAAAAAAAAAASS by Reksamurty CR - HBD fei (tlad) by Reksamurty

14. :iconchichicuit: ChiChiCuit
Who is a princess. no arguement here :iconcoolplz:... Sparkly, frilly, without forgeting cute element. Makes your life feel more lucky~ :iconloveloveplz:
CR Re-OC : Pearilische Rouielle by ChiChiCuit CR : Loading Screen Collab -Princess Pearl- by ChiChiCuit CR : ''ENYAAAHHH''-lah roh jahaatttt!! by ChiChiCuit

15. :iconwinbo: Winbo
Who is one of my rare international friend on Deviantart, (yeah she changed her username from "kyori"). When she draw girls, she draw them sexy. Loves her body style propotion :iconloveloveplz:
:thumb197309814: :thumb158610790: :thumb157704015:

16. :iconprophosphere: Prophosphere
Who often become my victim of miss-tagging :rofl:.... Eris is also my type :iconilavplz:
CR : Airia by Prophosphere CR : KOMIKON contest by Prophosphere CR Awas ada pisang ..!! by Prophosphere

17. :iconsaihamaru: Saihamaru
Who is a nakama. He is a gamer and otaku. and surprisingly super ikemen in real life.
He is also the one who encourage me to draw in the first place. :iconaawplz:
Dark Beauty by Saihamaru YGO - Malefic Paradox Girl by Saihamaru CR - LIBAAAAAAAAASSS by Saihamaru

18. :iconchiyoppoi: chiyoppoi
Who is a trap queen. But her girls characters are also gorgeous and beautifull . She is also my old friend from skype. And also the one who pulled me to DaF. lol :iconaawplz:
CR: Childlike by chiyoppoi 26L: Jiya by chiyoppoi CR: SURPRISE, A Hurry Xmas by chiyoppoi

19. :iconshinoxchan: shinoxchan
Who is a loli. Her style is cute. Her art is cute. Her sketch is cute. And she is cute :iconloveloveplz:
And what amaze me the most is. She draw them traditionally using real brush. That's cool :iconloveloveplz:
CR:Lina_nejirumu_intro by shinoxchan AISU by shinoxchan HBD_very_late by shinoxchan

20. :iconpodjok-wajang: Podjok-Wajang
Who is my precious friend for making stomach and cheek hurts from laughing by chat.
Her (or His?) arts are elegance. Shiva is my favourite :iconilavplz:
CR: Shiva by Podjok-Wajang

Mature Content

CR Ending: 66 years by Podjok-Wajang
.:wajang 069:. by Podjok-Wajang


And yes, there's SO MANY PERSON that i want to featured in this journal....

But i will try to get it later :iconlalalaplz:

I love you all :iconaawplz:

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bekicots Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
aku baru buka dA.. dan aku terharu...
thanks ren :)
quantum-force Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2012  Student General Artist
Tapitapitapi, reguler juga bisa pasang thumb lhooo :iconrlyplz:
/merusak suasana :iconplak5plz:
Podjok-Wajang Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Njan maap baru dikomen sekarang :iconhideplz:

makasih ya piturnyaaa :iconbrohugplz: lain kali kita nonton bola bareng lagi yaah :kiss:
tenang aja.. gender saya tidaklah penting kok :iconheplz:
Ardrie Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
bu.....bukannya gw seneng difeature di nomor 1 lho ya.... :icontiktokblushplz:
15DEATH Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
:iconweepplz: walah, makasih njan.....
ChiChiCuit Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Selamat buat PMnya sama makasih makasih banyak buat featurenya yaa Ren-saann~~:iconaawplz:
Rouzille Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2012  Student Digital Artist
same as hobby ya njan :iconifyouknowplz:
Reksamurty Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
jadi fei itu relasi yang pertama yah... semoga ga mengecewakanmu deh :D

makasih banget :hug: :la:
Erkaz Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
selamat dan makasih banyak renzann :iconweepplz:
aired, selalu langgeng ya :iconweepplz:
Deadly-Crow Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2012
terima kasih udah di feature :iconweepplz:
Prophosphere Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Aaaaa Selamat ya jan :iconilavplz::iconilavplz::iconilavplz::iconilavplz:
Makasih banyak buat featuremu jan :icontearplz::iconbrohugplz:
Bejowish Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2012  Hobbyist
i'm sorry.. i stolen your virginity :iconimsopervyplz: //slaped
tou're welcome njaannn :iconaawplz:
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